Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hawaii's source for fresh, local eggs

Ka Lei Eggs
Located : 439 Kalihi St, Honolulu, HI 96819

Ka Lei has been a trusted island brand name since 1975.  The farm began providing fresh island eggs to Hawai'i families and businessess in 1947.  Today, Associated Producers distributes the eggs from our farm in Wai'anae, on the leeward coast of O'ahu, where we blend the best of the new along with good, old-fashioned country pride.

Good things to know about eggs:
- The only difference between brown and white eggs is NOT the flavor but the thickness of the shell. Brown eggs have thicker shells but the flavor of the eggs are the same.
- The difference between egg sizes (small to jumbo) are the amount of egg whites each egg contains. The yolk in all eggs are the same. Ie. Jumbo eggs have the most egg whites.

Why to buy local:
-Fresh eggs make all the difference when you're making breakfast. And by fresh, I mean these eggs were laid only 2-3 days before they're sold. That's as fresh as you're gunna get if you don't have chickens in your backyard.
-^ Fresh enough to eat raw
-cheaper than supermarket prices

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