Thursday, October 24, 2013

On a beautiful day in Hawaii Nei it can be really hot, so for a nice cool down from working on the lawn, take a break and have some Hibuscus Tea. Here is the recipe:
1. 2 quarts of water
2. ¾ cup of Hawaiian sugar, adding more sugar depending on how sweet you want it
3.  Dried Hibiscus flowers: Grab them from any place on a walk that you take around your neighborhood
4. ½ cinnamon stick
5. a few thin slices of ginger, optional, you can find this in any farmers market
6. Lime Juice, optional, which can be found in a farmers market
7. if your going to be fancy, grab some of those lime slices and fix them in the drink
8. if you want your hibiscus tea bubbly and iced, grab some club soda, or soda water
How to Make:
1. In a pan put the sugar and 4 cups of the water and sugar. Add any of the optional ingredients in pan. Heat pan until boiling and the sugar has dissolved.
2. When all the sugar has dissolved take pan away from heat and stir in the dried hibiscus flowers.
3. Now cover the pan and let it sit for 20 minutes. After letting sit, strain into a pitcher and discard all the hibiscus and extra flavoring(ginger, cinnamon).
*this is a concentrated form of the hibiscus drink
4. To DILUTE drink add the 4 cups of water that are remaining, add ice and lemon slivers(if you want to make it fancy), if wanted you can add soda water if you want it bubbly  
5. Enjoy!

helped by: simply recipes

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